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A high impact, affordable partnership with a star driver in the UK's most watched motor racing package, the BTCC.

- Improve brand visibility and company exposure to millions of active TV viewers, followers, and online visitors

- Give your business an edge by creating exciting and memorable corporate on-track events for clients and staff

- Network and connect with hundreds of key business people through the networking hub built around Mike and his team

- Get hands on and experience Motorsport from behind the scenes with VIP access to Motorsport events



Mike Epps:

- A renowned, experienced and successful racing driver in the UK with ambitions to succeed in top level Motorsport.

- Connections with key individuals in large UK businesses

- A brand ambassador

- Over 25,000 followers across social media channels


British Touring Car Championship 


- 22 million annual TV viewers (ITV/ITV4)

- 31 million unique annual online visitors 

- Broadcast in over 80 countries

- Huge brand involvement: Tesco, Red Bull, Shredded Wheat, Fujifilm, Adrian Flux and many more.

- Massive networking hub, access to meet and network with key individuals from Uk and global businesses large and small